The economic growth in 2008 may be over 8%, despite the fact that most countries face a slow down of their economies, a report issued by the Romanian Commercial Bank - Erste (BCR)informs. The annual inflation rate may also decrease significantly down during the next two months, reaching 6.2% at the end of the year, less than the previous estimates issued by the Romanian Central Bank (BNR), of 6.6%.

The increase of investements in agriculture and industry, doubled by a decrease on investments in commerce and industry may modify the structure of the long-term economic growth, from net consumption to net positive export, the BCR document shows.

BCR analysts also estimate that the foreign direct investments and the European funds will finance more of the current account deficit in 2008. According to the documet, foreign investments will reach 7.8 billion euros, while the current account deficit will be 13.6%.