Vodafone Romania does not believe it is normal that the winner of a mobile communications license be announced before a request to suspend a governmental decision on the selection procedure be judicially considered, company officials told HotNews.ro. The winner of the new license is due to be announced on September 8 while the deadline for the judicial consideration of a request to suspend the governmental decision, submitted by four mobile operators, comes September 9.

As no decision was yet made to suspend or postpone the decision, operators Vodafone, Orange, Telemobil and RCS&RDS say they would continue their pressure, while ANRCTI, the main body regulating the telecom market, says it would still decide on a winner.

Four of a total of ten companies which acquired the papers to join the tender for the new license - Romtelecom, Saudi Oger, NetPoint and Tactical Networks - have submitted their offers. But four other operators - Vodafone, Orange, Telemobil and RCS&RDS - challenged a governmental decision regarding the procedure to deliver the license, arguing that the license comes very cheap while the terms of the procedure would not be appropriate.