Starting October 15, 2008 Calin Tatomir, a former IT private consultancy company director will take over the lead of Microsoft Romania, the company informs on Monday. He will replace Silviu Hotaran, Microsoft Romania head between 1996-2004 and June 2007 until now.

Tatomir worked for 12 years in the Digital and Compaq branches and for 5 years he has been running his own company. While at Digital, Tatomir ran the service divisions and at Compaq he was Channel Sales Manager and Consumer Business Manager.

Tatomir declared that his new job would be a unique experience and it is one of the most hunted jobs on the Romanian market in the technological sector. He declared that his new position is a challenge for him.

Microsoft Central Eastern Europe president Vahe Torossian declared that Microsoft's achievements after 12 years in Romania were remarkable. Moreover, he declared that he had all the confidence in Tatomir's management skills.