The main European stock exchanges registered in their Monday session after Lehman Brothers announced its bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch's take over by Bank of America, Agence France Presse informs. After Lehman Brothers, investors are worried about the faith of the once biggest American insurer, AIG, company that's facing serious financial difficulties.

In Frankfurt, the Dax index dropped by 2.74% to 6.064.16% points while in Paris and London damages were even greater. The FTSE 100 index close up its session on Monday with 3.92% to reach 5,204.20 points and the CAC 40 index dropped at 4,168.97 points.

In Madrid, registered losses amounted to 4.75% while the most important indexes of capital markets in Milan and Zürich dropped by 3.28% and 3.83%. In New York, the stock exchange opened up with a serious drop, Dow Jones index losing 2.34% and Nasdaq 2.65%.