The Bucharest Stock Exchange closed its Tuesday session with a strong depreciation mainly due to the fall of BRD-SocGen shares, which saw a decrease of more than 13%. Losses of the BVB indices are considerably higher than those of the most important European Stock Exchanges, which fell by up to 4,5% before the closing in Bucharest.

BET-XT, indicele celor mai lichide 25 de titluri listate la BVB, s-a depreciat cu 7,49%, pana la 477,07 puncte, iar valoarea indicelui BET-NG, care reflecta evolutia a zece companii energetice listate la Bursa, a scazut cu 5,85%, pana la 642,34 puncte.

The BET index, showing the evolution of the 10 most liquid titles listed registered a 7.10% drop to 4,480.68 points, while the composite index BET-C lost 7.41% to reach 3,375.33 points. Moreover, the BET-FI Index, of the five financial investment societies dropped by 8.98% to reach 27,481.61 points.

The BET-XT index, of the 25 most liquid titles dropped by 7.49% to 477.07 points while the BET-NG index, reflecting the evolution of the first 10 titles in the energy sector dropped by 5.85% to reach 642.34 points.

As the Bucharest Stock Exchange closed, the CAC 40 Index of the Paris Stock Exchange registered a 2.22% drop and the London's FTSE 100 index dropped by 4.37%. In the same time, the Frankfurt DAX index registered a loss of 2.75%.

In the region, in Bulgaria the SOFIX index value decreased by 4.90% while in Budapest the BUX index dropped by 3.33%. In Prague the PX index dropped by 6.82%.