Dacia will first introduce the face-lifted version of its Logan Break model on October 2, the first day of the Car Show in Paris, but has not established yet a launching day for Romania. Francois Fourmont, Automobile Dacia general manager, says that it all depends on the evolution of the market. It's not likely to see the MCV in showrooms this year, but Dacia is already testing the car. HotNews.ro reporters found the car riding on the Bucharest-Pitesti highway and managed to take a couple of pictures.

Dacia started the MCV production in 2006 and sold some 200,000 units since then. The car is increasingly chosen in both Romania and large markets, such as Germany, France and Italy.

Dacia still has to choose whether the face-lifted version will be first introduced on markets with a tradition for break models or it will be launched in Romania at the same time as well.

The latest Dacia model, the Sandero hatchback, was launched in June and will be soon available with a diesel engine.

Dacia recently celebrated 40 years of activity, a time in which it sold some 3.2 million units.