The Romanian Stock Exchange (BVB) tempered on Tuesday the decline that marked the opening of trading session following the rejection by the US Congress of the financial rescue plan agreed a day before. By closing bell, the general index of the BVB reported a 2.74% loss, while the index of the five financial investment societies reported the heaviest drop on a market with a liquidity twice as high as a day before.

On opening bell, the BVB composite index showed a depreciation of over 5%, but after 30 minutes quotes started to grwo untill noon. After 2 p.m., quotes started to grow slightly again, but could not reach the level of yesterday's closing.

The BET-C index fell by 2.74% to 3,235.74 points, while BET, which covers the most liquid listed titles, lost 3.88% to 4,258.04 points. BET-FI, covering the five financial investment societies, reported a fall of 5.56% to 25,392.00 points.