The Bucharest Stock Exchange maintains its pre-opening status on Friday morning: the market is opened, but there are no transactions taking place yet. meanwhile, international markets continue to drop.

On Friday, the Stick Exchange in Bucharest was closed on a slow decreasing trend - 0.82%, reaching a new minimum for the past four years. The shares of the Financial investment Societies (SIFs) continued to drop, the BET-FI index dropping 7.43%.

The stock market in Moscow remained shut on Friday morning. At the same time, the stock exchange in Sofia dropped 6.30%.

On the Istanbul market fell 8.09% on the opening on Friday, after reaching the lowest level in four years on Thursday.

In London, the Stock Exchange main index lost 10.20%, almost the same drop as in Frankfurt. On Asian market and on Wall Street, the panic was the main state of operators.