The Stock Exchange in Bucharest (BVB) opened the session on Tuesday with a significant growth, the BET index growing 7.88%, the BET-FI - 13.59% and the BET-C - 8.07%. Also this morning, the stock exchanges in Sofia and Moscow were also growing.

The growth at BVB comes after the worst week in the history of the stock exchange, during which it lost 26.86%. Stock exchanges in Paris, Frankfurt and London also opened on green on Tuesday.

French CAC-40 grew 2.15%, British Footsie saw a 2.65% growth, compared to Monday, while the German stock market soared 1.44% during the first minutes of transactions.

Asian markets also saw a significant growth on Monday, with Japan leading the growth (Nikkei won 14.15%, after losing almost 25% last week).