The Japanese stock exchange was closed on Thursday at a new low record, -11.41%, the market being dominated by chaos. Nikkei lost 1,089.02 points, reaching 8,458.45 points. all Asian markets operated under the fear of a new fall of the American stock market.

"After two falls of a historical dimension of the Wall Street Stock Exchange, it is inevitable for the Japanese shares to drop", analysts quoted by AFP declared.

In Hong Kong, the main index lost 6.97%, in Seoul - 7.16%, in Shanghai - 3.88%, in Singapore - 5.89%, in Sydney - 6.10%, while in Taipei, the fall was only 3.25%.

The US stock market has its worst day in the past 20 years on Wednesday, with Dow Jones losing 7.87%. European markets also recorded significant losses.

The oil price is still dropping on the Asian markets, for the third day in a row. The barrel of light sweet crude oil reached 73 dollars, the lowest price in 13 months and half the price of July, when it was 147 dollars.