Investors continue to be prudent on the international markets. The Tokyo Stock Exchange opened on Friday on a slightly growing trend, Nikkei winning almost 130 point, up to 8,588.11 points. A similar evolution was noted on the Seoul stock exchange.

At the same time, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange lost 0.80%, Hang Seng decreasing 124.09 points, down to 15,106.43 points.

The Wall Street closed on green on Thursday, Dow Jones winning 4.86%, up to 8,979.26 points, while Nasdaq won 5.49% and the Standard&Poor's index increased 4.24%.

On Friday morning, the oil price increased 3.15 dollars, up to 73 USD per barrel. The Brent oil also won 2.72 dollars, up to 70.56 USD per barrel.