More than half of Romanians trust Romanian banks, and 29% of them consider that bank deposits are the safest deposit way, an INSOMAR survey reveals at the request of TV station The Money Channel, quoted by news agency NewsIn.

Among those interviewed, 6% declared that they trust banks very much and 47% said that they have enough confidence in them. Moreover, 32% of those questioned declare that they trust credit institutions less. The survey reveals that 14% of the respondents have little trust in banks or even none.

Banking deposits are considered the safest way to place money on the market (29% of people) while 26% of them declared that real estate investments are better. Surprisingly, 16% of the respondents declared they prefer to keep their money indoors while a quarter of those surveyed appreciate that bonds or treasury certificates are just as safe.

The most efficient method to save money is to invest in real estate, some 38% of the respondents believe, while 16% believe that the acquisition of other valuable goods and bank deposits are better. Almost half of those questioned declared that they trust the European currency more while 40% go for the national one. 3% of Romanians trust the dollar more while 7% do no trust any currency.