Romania's Competition Council fined three retailers - Billa Romania SRL, Pic SA and Spar SRL for providing incorrect information within the investigation analyzing the food product sector. The fines, amounting to some 850,000 euro were applied between September 10-16 as follows: 2,149,689 Romanian Ron for Billa Romania, 819, 033 for Pic and 256,229 for Spar.

The incorrect information regards the obligation of the supplier to offer the trader the best price on the market. Those companies supplied incorrect information regarding the lack of such a clause in their commercial contracts.

According to the law, the Competition Council can fine economic agents with up to 1% of their business profits, a press release of the institution remitted to reads. The impact of this clause on the market is one of the most important elements of the investigation of the Competition Council.

The conclusions of the investigations are expected next year. The investigation plans to analyze to what extent the relations among actors present on the food commercial market - producers, processors, retailers - affect the competition.