The Bucharest Stock Exchange opened on a growing trend following the main international stock exchanges, as a result of the new fiscal stimulation program announced by the authorities in Washington. Asian markets also saw a significant growth in Monday.

In Bucharest, the BET-C index grew 2.12 in the opening of the session, while BET won 2.48%. BET-FI, the index of the main five financial societies, won 3.09%.

The growth on the European markets was: 1.33% in London (Footsie), 0.99% in Frankfurt (Dax), 1.42% in Paris (CAC), 1.52% in Madrid (Ibex), 1.42% in Milan and 1.84% in Amsterdam.

The oil price also increased, after the OPEC announcement on the production level decrease. The barrel of light ssweet crude oil costs 1.73 dollars more, compared to Monday, namely 75.61 dollars.