The Asian stock exchange markets had a strange evolution on Tuesday. After opening with most indicators on a strong loss, in a panic and chaos environment, the markets recovered and won significantly, closing on green.

On the Japanese market, the Nikkei index closed on Monday at its lowest level during the past 26 years and continued to fall on Tuesday morning until the middle of the session. At closing time, Nikkei had won 6.41%.

After a fast fall, the Sydney stock exchange market recovered and closed with only -0.38%. On the other hand, the Singapore market lost 6.51%, reaching its lowest level in the past five years.

At the middle of the session, the Hong Kong exchange increased 6.13%, while the Shanghai market won 2.68%.

The oil price lost almost 1 dollar, the light sweet crude oil being 62.33 US Dollars per barrel this morning, while the Brent oil reached 60.13 dollars.