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Dacia officials:at the moment we do not plan to request government aid and we urge authorities to seek solutions to discourage old car imports

de A.C.
Joi, 20 noiembrie 2008, 15:39 English | Business

Dacia has no intention whatsoever to request government aid and added that only a collapse of the Romanian automobile market would trigger such a solution, Dacia General Director Francois Fourmont declared. He added that  the recent move of Romanian authorities to suspend the environment tax for new cars is a positive measure but the government must seek other solutions to encourage new car sales even after the environment tax will be re-introduced.

Fourmont declared that he couldn't estimate in numbers the actual effects of the recent measure but that it was clear that it is a positive measure and effects would follow soon. He added that in October alone, some 36,000 second hand cars were imported, of which 27,000 were more than 10 years old. He added that Romania need to take measures to encourage the new car sales market.

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