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President Basescu: "As far as I've seen, Romanian industry doesn't look like being in very difficult situation"

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 27 noiembrie 2008, 18:46 English | Business

Romania president Traian Basescu said on Thursday that the situation of the industry looks less critical than its image would suggest. "As far as I've seen, Romanian industry doesn't look like being in very difficult situation", said Basescu, adding that the Government should intervene though, in order to help producers find their market.

After visiting the train car producing company SC Astra Vagoane Arad, president Basescu said that he met "various employers' associations", but that the discussions he had with their officials didn't help much in constructing a general image of the situation, because "they discuss general matters, such as fiscal conditions". "I already knew that decreasing the social contribution rate may help a company", said Basescu.

The head of state used Azomures as example: "There's no use to decrease the Health contribution 2% for such a company, if no one will order fertilizer in January. The tax level has nothing to do with the workers being sent home, on temporary unemployment".

Basescu says that foreign markets may be lost because of the international crisis, but the industry still has the interior market. "As far as I've seen, Romanian industry doesn't seem to be in a very difficult situation, but the government must intervene in some segment, in order to help producers gain the market", said Basescu.

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