The financial crisis will have significant effects for at least two years from now. An increasing number of projects are delayed, the payments between companies are always late, some of the companies would accept to be sold for one Euro, while programmers no longer have the higher stand in negotiations, officials of the National Software and Services Association (ANIS) say. The Romanian IT will lose its 25% growth rate recorded during the past few years. Still, the industry will not fall, but simply reduce its growth pace, ANIS representatives said on Tuesday.

Radu Georgescu, GeCad president and ANIS vice president, believes that all players on the market will be in debt after the following six months. Georgescu was already offered to buy 4-5 companies for one Euro

"Some of the major projects are postponed for better days", says Georgescu. ANIS officials also fear that the demand decease will lead to lay offs.