Mothers will receive, starting January 1, 2009, 85% of the average monthly net revenue obtained in the last 12 months before the child was born, a Government regulation informs. Thus, if the revenue totaled less than 6 million Romanian Lei, the mother will receive the old indemnification plus another 2 million Romanian Lei as the child's allocation from the state.

Thus, mothers will receive the payment for the first two years after the child is born, or, for children with disabilities, for three years. If a mother decides to work after the baby is born, she can, at any time, give up the job and receive the money from the state.

Moreover, mothers will receive, once the baby is born, a 230 Romanian Ron allocation, starting January 2009, a 8% as compared to the previous allocation. The executive also decided to raise the allocation for children by 4.8% starting January 2009. Thus, the allocation will increase from 40 Romanian Ron to 42 Romanian Ron, depending on the inflation rate.