A study KPMG conducted on the demographic problems and the personnel policy impact of large companies reveals that Romania may offer interesting recruiting opportunities. The reason is that Romania saw a demographic boom in the 1960's and 70's, just when the Western Europe saw a decline. Romania's boom was caused by the Communist laws imposing Romanians to have many children, in order "to participate to the construction of the Communist society".

Some of the KPMG conclusions:


- The Baby Boomers generation is near retirement and the labor force will decrease, given the demographic decrease in the 60's, as result of social changes and contraceptive methods popularization.

- In developing countries, the demographic boom was less strong; since they didn't participate in the WWII;

- Companies may have to look for personnel in developing countries and educate talents in countries where they are active;

- Romania is different from its surrounding countries, with a booming birth rate after 1966, when Nicolae Ceausescu banned abortions and contraceptives.