The total public debt Romania has increased 14.9% during the first ten months of the year, compared to the end of 2007, up to some 93.74 billion RON (18.6% of the GDP estimated for 2008), NewsIn informs, quoting Economy Ministry sources. At the end of 2007, the public debt was 81.59%, representing 20.16% of the GDP.

According to the Economy Ministry, more than half of the public debt is in the national currency (RON), 28.63% in Euros, 11.3% in US Dollars, 2% in Japanese yens and the rest in other currencies.

Over one third of the debt was built by state loans (35.3%), 10.4% were state bonds and 9.1% were European bonds.

The negotiable debt represents 24.27% of the total, the rest being non-negotiable.

The Economy Ministry takes into account a 505 billion RON GDP for 2008.