Six companies bought the official guide for the WiMax services license (wide areas voice and wireless Internet), the National Telecomm Authority (ANC) announced on Tuesday. The companies are: Asesoft International, Comcore Management, Cosmote Romania, Media Sat, RCS & RDS and Vodafone Romania. The main absent players are Romtelecom and Orange, who first expressed their interest in such licenses.

In brief:

- Si companies are currently in the race for two licenses, with Orange and Romtelecom failing to meet the deadline for beginning the formalities;

- The National Radio Society obtained such a license.

- Orange officials didn't comment on their decision.

- The race for the two WiMax licenses entered a straight line in February 2008, when the Government ordered the National Radio Society (SNR) to clear the bandwidth ranges, 3600–3657 MHz and 3700–3757 MHz.