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Romanian currency reaches historic minimum

de Radu Rizea
Vineri, 9 ianuarie 2009, 4:16 English | Business

The Romanian Leu (RON) continues its depreciating trend, reaching a historic minimum exchange rate of 4.18 RON per Euro on Thursday. The Romanian Central Bank (BNR) published a reference exchange rate of 4.1385 RON per Euro on Thursday, representing a 1.68% loss, compared to Wednesday, when the rate was 4.0720 RON per Euro.

The level is the highest since January 6, 2004, when it reached 4.1438 RON per Euro. On the interbank market, the highest level was on January 7, 2004, with 4.1635 RON per Euro.

Against the US Dollar, the RON lost from 2.9897 to 3.0468 RON per dollar. The Swiss Franc has risen up 2.7661 RON, with 100 Japanese yens are now 3.3242 RON.

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