Globally, Dacia sales increased by 12% last year with over 257,000 units while total sales of the Renault group diminished by 4.2% at 2.38 million cars, French officials announced in an official report. Renault notes that the world car market diminished by 4.8% last year and Renault holds a 3.6% quota.

Dacia sales in the world grew by 11.7% from 230,000 units to 257,594 of which 16,000 were commercial units, Logan VAN and Pick up models. In Romania, sales dropped by 17% to 84,707 units but exports lead to better results than 2007.

In France, Renault and Dacia sales together totaled 637,000 units, which represents a quarter of the total market. In Germany the French group sold 165,000 cars last year and holds a 5% quote of the market but in Spain it sold more than 136,000 units representing 10% of the market.