Dacia resumed its production at full capacity after a break of almost a month due to dramatic drop of sales. All employees are at worked but production will be reduced by 300 cars/day. Last month, Dacia sales decreased by over a half as compared to the same period in 2007 while second hand car registrations increased by 150%.

Dacia representatives are reserved regarding sale projections for this year, urging the Government to maintain the ordinance increasing the environment tax for second hand cars. Union members declared that they plan to organize, on Tuesday a protest where 5,000 employees are expected, to sustain the above mentioned ordinance.

Dacia informed on January 9 that it will maintain the same price level for all its cars. Currently, Dacia has a stock of 10,000 cars, a normal level that will insure a good support for the commercial activities of 2009.

UPDATE: Dacia suspends its production for another two weeks between January 26 and February 8 due to the continuous decrease of sales in Romania. Dacia has to take this measure in order to adapt its production to diminishing requests due to the crash on the car market.