The car industry might shrink to less than a half of what it currently is in 2009 and 100,000 employees of a total of 220,000 are in danger of losing their jobs if the car tax will be eliminated and the crisis will continue, representatives of the sector declared in a conference on Wednesday. Component suppliers declared they are facing serious problems because they lack orders as dealers sell less and less and the car market decreased by 12% last year only.

Considering these conditions, Dacia plans to reduce the price of the cars but not for all its models. Representatives of the car sector declared that they are not against second hand cars but in 2007 there were 124,000 second cars registered in the country and the number doubled to 300,000 in 2008 of which half of the cars were at least 10 years old.

Officials declared that the value of the environment car tax is a compromise and not an ideal solution but it is the only one that has real, beneficial consequences for the car industry. Moreover, the new government is warned that if it plans to modify the environmental car tax it needs to take into account their opinion otherwise, the car industry could collapse.