The president of the Romanian Banks' Association, Radu Ghetea, declared, during an online meeting with the readers, that existing credits may be transferred from convertible currencies to Romanian Leu (RON) credits, mainly for legal persons. As for the blockage in banks, Ghetea said: "It is not true that banks no longer offer credits. Some do, some don't. There are, indeed, banks that are not so enthusiastic in offering credits, but there are also clients that no longer appeal to the banks to get a credit".

Ghetea's statements, in brief:

- Modifying the payment schedule is mainly used for legal persons, based on plans presented by the client;

- For natural persons, it is more difficult to do this, but there are some possibilities, a credits for 20 years may be extended to 30 years, but the clients must be careful with the final cost;

- If problems arise, the clients should discuss with the bank, so that they wouldn't become late with the payments;

- To transfer the credits in RON, a good moment - meaning a low exchange rate - must be first expected;

- As a bank, you have more confidence in programs with European financing;

- There are many reasons for the Central Bank to desire a low exchange rate. The main reason is the inflation effect of the RON growth;

- I hope that the appetite for credits will return after the Central Bank modifies the rules for natural persons.