Electronic telecomm service providers will be forced to decode - following the users' request - the network-captive terminals (coded phones), a new law draft of the National Telecomm Authority (ANC) is about to rule. The measure mainly refers to mobile phones, but also applies to all devices suffering the same rules - data cards, modems, etc. The unstopping may occur after the minimum contract term expires or in exchange for a compensation fee.

"We introduce the portability of phone numbers, but users move along with their terminals as well, not only with their number, when they choose the services of a different provider", explained Liviu Nistoran, ANC president.

Devices should be unblocked in a 5-days term after the formal request of the client is recorded. The process usually consists in introducing a code using the phone dials.

Cosmote officials declared for HotNews.ro that the measure does not affect them in any way, since they never sold "coded" phones. Orange and Vodafone officials say their companies still analyze the law draft.