Microsoft Corp reported on Thursday a quarterly profits beyond the analysts' expectations and announced that some 5,000 employees will be laid off. The company will also refrain from making profit estimations until the end of the year. The head of Microsoft Romania, Calin Tatomir, says that the Romanian branch is not affected by the announcement, at least for the moment, since Romania is currently on a growing trend, but the employment of supplementary personnel during the following 18 months will be re-evaluated.

In December 2008, Tatomir declared that he intends to double the number of employees during the next three years.

Microsoft Romania currently employs some 270 people. In December, the branch revised its profits growth estimation from 35 to 20%.

According to Reuters, Microsoft reported a 4.17 billion dollars, representing 47 cents per share in Q2 (ending December 2008), instead of 4,71 billions (50 cents per share), as it was in Q2 2007. Analysts expected a 49 cents per share profit.

In order to cut costs, Microsoft announced it will cut some 5,000 jobs during the following 18 months, out of the research and development, marketing, sales, finances, juridical, human resources and IT departments. 1,400 jobs will be cut on Thursday.