The Romanian state does not guarantee popular or company bank deposits with a negotiated and customized interest rate - mainly in cases involving high amounts of cash - in case it is proven that the deposit terms contributed to the "aggravation of the institution's financial situation", in case of bankruptcy, NewsIn informs. In 2008, the Romanian state decided to guarantee deposits up to 50,000 Euros, following the EU trend, instead of the previous 20,000 Euros limit.

Besides those who negotiate their own terms, the state will not guarantee the deposits made by managers, censors, financial audit experts, significant shareholders and their families - spouses, first degree alliance family members and third parties acting in the behalf of the above-mentioned categories.

Deposits made after transactions sanctioned by Courts as money laundering are also uncovered.

Still, the law is subject to interpretations, in its current shape, and consultations take place with the Romanian Banks Association, mainly in the customized interests area, where some banks offer rates well above the market for major resources.

On the Romanian market, interests jumped over 15% for RON and 7% for Euros.