Erste Group supports the credit offering activities of the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), in both retail and for companies, according to its demands, said Wolfgang Schoiswohl, counselor for corporate affairs in the BCR, adding that BCR has not demanded any anticipatory reimbursement of loans.

"Erste will continue to ensure, as it did until now, the financing for BCR. As a result, our bank can finance - both in RON and Euros - quality, viable business projects", read a press release by BCR's Wolfgang Schoiswohl, on Friday.

Cristian Ionescu, country manager with Coface Romania, declared on Thursday that credit institutions in Romania are forced by their mother-banks to stop the existing lines of credit and financing and to demand anticipatory reimbursement, The head of Coface Romania didn't offer any firm names, but mentioned that all banks demand this, "be they Austrian, American or Turkish".