The European Commission opened the infringement procedures against Romania, considering that the changes made in 2008 by the Romanian Government in the telecomm regulating authority board come against the independence of the institution. Last year, the head of the National Authority for Telecomm Market Regulation (ANRCTI) was dismissed, despite a Court order cancelling the decision. In order to maintain the dismissing decision, the Government changed the name of the institution and its structure. The Commission recommends Romania to avoid a hasty reorganizing of the Authority, as it happened before in 2006, close to Romania's joining the EU.

The EC officials find a reason for concern in the fact that the Romanian state cancels the effects of a Court decision in this case - which is far from being the single occasion. The dismissal of the former manager comes both against the EU rules on telecomm and against the very basic principles of the state of law. EC Telecomm Commissioner Viviane Redding called the Romanian authorities to ensure the stability and the independence of the market.

Liviu Nistoran, currently acting as head of the new telecomm market regulator, ANC, says that a solution may be to move the institution under parliamentarian control.