Vodafore Romania won another 133,461 users on the market in December 2008 but revenues increased only by 1% as compared to a 18.8% increase in the similar quarter, last year, Vodafone data reveals.

Moreover, the average user revenue was 10.10 euro, as compared to 11.08 euro in the similar period, last year. The competition, lack of economic growth and the regulatory decisions on the Romanian market are the main reasons Vodafone puts forward for these results.

Vodafone continues to register a sustained increase of the mobile and Internet mobile users due to the company's strategy to invest in this service category, Vodafone Romania Chief Executive Officer Liliana Solomon declared.

The company totals 9,649,709 clients in Romania and it announced an annual growth of 19% in the number of users and some 1,134,894 3G clients with an annual increase of 88%. According to the data, the Vodafone Group registered data above any expectations, according to Reuters.

In the mentioned period, the group registered revenues of 10,47 billion pounds, a 14.3% increase as compared to the similar month last year.