Former financial director of a company in California, Richard Morlok, aged 55, admitted in a federal court that he offered as bribe over 600,000 dollars to several officials in China, South Korea, Romania and Saudi Arabia to get several contracts in these countries. The announcement was made by the American Judicial department, quoted by France Presse.

Morlok declared that between 2003-2006, employees and agents of the company offered a total sum of 628,000 dollars in bribes to several public state companies in order to obtain and extend several orders.

Morlok risks five years in prison, but the court's decision will be made on July 10. Morlok was financial director between 2002 and 2007 of a factory that produced containers used in the nuclear and oil industry.

According to the judicial documents, several employees of Romania's Electrical Plant at Rovinari were bribed. Until 2004, the plant - one of the most important energy producers in the country, was part of the National Transelectrica Society that no longer exists at the moment. Currently, the plant is part of the Energy Complex Rovinari, with the state as a shareholder through various companies.