Romanian salaries will increase by 12-13% this year, at a similar rate as in 2008, as incomes of local employees continue to be low compared to other European states, a report of German recruiting firm Kienbaum says.

The analysis shows that the growth rate of salaries in Romania is highest in Europe, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. The study was conducted in cooperation with the Romanian - German Chamber of Commerce based on data collected in November 2008.

Even though in January 2009 the National Prognosis Committee estimated an average salary increase of 5.8%, the study expects an increase of 12-13%. Specialists and senior management employees can expect higher increases, the coordinator of the project, Maria Smid declared.

A qualified employee in Bucharest earns over 12,000 euro per year while one in Transylvania, Central Romania earns about 6,100 euro. Salaries of unskilled workers in Bucharest can amount to 8,000 euro per year while in Transylvania they are as low as 4,700 euro/year.