The Raiffeisen International banking group had a consolidated profit of 982 million Euros in 2008, a 17% growth, compared to 2007, company data indicate. A key factor for the good results was the net growth of income from interests, which increased 34%, up to 3.2 billion Euros.

The net income from commissions increased to 1.5 billion Euros, a 20% increase year over year. General expenses for management increased, on the other hand, 21%, up to 2.6 billion Euros.

In 2008, the group attracted 9% more deposits, adding up to 44.2 billion Euros.

Provisions for losses resulted from assets increased to 780 million Euros, more than double than the previous year.

Raiffeisen International is the second largest player on the market in the Central an Eastern Europe, after Unicredit.