Half of the Romanian internet users shop online, with books, CDs and films among their most preferred purchasing goods. However, 49% of respondents say that buying online is not safe and a significant part of those who bought online are dissatisfied with the delivery times and insufficient product information, a joint Gemius - Orange study reveals about e-shopping in Romania in 2008.

49% of those interviewed declared that e-shopping is still not safe - compared to 44% who believed so three years ago. However, internet shopping still bears a couple of advantages: it is less time consuming and products can be cheaper.

Nonetheless, 13% of the respondents declared that e-shopping is complicated. Those who never bought anything online declared that, if they would decide to purchase online, they would get more expensive products and they will lose much more time than they usually do in traditional shops.

The report, 'E-commerce: trends and attitudes. Research on Romanian internet users' offers a comparative insight into people's perception to e-commerce if compared to a similar study conducted three years ago. People are more open to online purchases than they were three years ago. Most preferred products are books, CDs, electronic products and hardware equipment.

Half of those questioned failed to name an online shop and those who did named emag, quelle and domo. The best known auction websites were ebay, okazii and aukro. Three quarters of the Romanians who shopped online in 2008 know websites that compare online prices but only 40% actually use them.

Among most common complaints against e-shopping is the long delivery time, lack of comprehensive information and the lack of information regarding online security measures for transactions.