Anti-crisis measures adopted by the government will be modified as needed, depending on the internal and international economic situation, Prime Minister Emil Boc declared on Wednesday. He announced that the main objective of the government was to improve Romania's country rating which, at its turn, would improve the economic environment and trigger better loan conditions.

Boc said that before each governmental weekly meeting members of the Executive were analyzing the situation of the public investments intended for the year. The objective of the government is to improve the country's rating, in a reasonable amount of time, Romanian news agency Mediafax quotes him as saying.

One of the main problems is the country rating, Boc said. Due to the 5.2% deficit in 2008, all loan possibilities are very costly. Everyone expects the government to take serious measures to stabilize the situation, Boc explained. Therefore, improving the country's rating will bring about better loan conditions that would allow the state to take them up.