Finance Ministry and Central Bank officials, along with financial consultancy companies' representatives met on Tuesday within the "Mediafax Talks about business solutions to crisis" conference. The budget income and the Euro zone joining schedule were the most significant topics throughout the morning.

Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea's main statements:

- This crisis is defined by its dynamics, its permanent changing. The dynamics changed each month, with increasingly negative perspectives;

- We have four targets: to limit the economic contraction generated by the private sector; to protect the economic interest of the populace, mainly to limit the decrease of the purchase power; to have short term measures that would not affect the medium term targets (the main target remains to join the Euro currency zone in 2014) and to coordinate our efforts with the EU recovery plan.

- We may need new budget adjustments;

- We intend to introduce the lump tax for companies;

- The budget income decreased 6.8%, compared to the same period last year;

- Personnel expenses increased 2.8%.