A Romanian company, MBTechnology, won the most important award at the Geneva exhibition of inventions with its ROBOSCAN, a vehicle capable of scanning large lorries and trailers with no human intervention.

"The back axle of the lorry is equipped with an articulated frame which adapts to the size of the vehicle to be controlled. Once it is parked in the right place, the driver leaves the vehicle and activates a remote control which organizes the movement of the mobile scanner. The ray can go through steel 18cm thick and show the whole cargo on the screens.

The machine can even detect objects 4mm in size. Apart from its exceptional precision, the main advantage of this invention is the integral remote control of the scanner, which eliminates all danger for the operators. The machine weighs only 7.5 tones in comparison to the 20 tones already in use. The latter are encumbered with heavy sheets of lead which were necessary to protect the operator. The reduced weight of this lorry allows it to move faster, especially when it is needed by the police or other authorities", the official press release of the exhibition reads.

It is for the first time, in 37 years of annual shows, that Romania wins this award.