The swine flu virus in Mexico couldn't have started from the Timis county in Romania, the US-based company being very strict in adopting all sanitation and veterinarian measures, said the PR manager of Smithfield Ferme, the company based in West Romania, in the city of Timisoara. According to Mihai Sepetean, the article published by New York Times doesn't show that the swine flu virus could have started from strands of the virus that existed in Romanian hog farms.

"The article in New York Times does not suggest that the origin of the virus could be one of our farms in Romania. There is no connection between the virus of the new flu A / H1N1 and our farms", said Mihai Sepetean.

According to the official, all the farms and facilities operated by Smithfield Ferme are fully authorized and function according to the regulations in force in Romania and the European Union.