Romania’s coalition parties representatives – the Social democratic Party (PSD) and the Liberal Democratic Party (PDL) – are looking for solutions leading to a lower interest rate in the case of the credits awarded through First Home scheme, which is guaranteed by the Romanian state, according to vice Prime Minister Dan Nica’s statements on Monday.

Nica, who appreciated the current interest rate to be very high, said it was important that its reduction will be "a real one, the lowest possible". The Government will not back any credit over 60.000 euros though, because the market prices – approximately 500 euros per one square meter – allow the acquisition of a decent space, Dan Nica reckons.

The PDS – PDL coalition also plan to discuss a strategy for energy, meaning identifying solutions for lowering the prices, with the possibility of creating hybrid companies that would use solid fuel, nuclear and hydro energies. Dan Nica declared he was also interested in lowering the gas and electricity prices.