Romanian gas producer Romgaz and Russian company Gazprom signed a collaboration memorandum as a consequence of the Moscow visit the Economy minister Adriean Videanu and his delegation made two weeks ago. Videanu says that this is the first agreement signed by the two companies since 1989, but he would not reveal its content, as it is confidential.

Videanu told the press the access to the agreement was denied, as the memorandum was classified. The minister said that, according to the agreement, this September will see the creation of a Romanian-Russian project between Gazprom and Romgaz, meant to store and use gas. The future depots could store up to 5-6 billion cube metres of gas.

Romanian minister of Economy declared that the present agreement invites Russia to take part in all energy projects from Romania. "We want to bring Russian gas to the EU’s consumer during summer, while they are cheap and to make good use of it, together, during winter", Videanu added. According to him, gas importers will act freely. Romgaz will be able to import gas straight from Gazprom. Videanu was pointing out to a possible exclusion of the liaison companies.

There will be a mixed commission, which will take care of the paperwork and evaluate the collaboration for the gas depot in Margineni. Videanu said the collaboration might last for the next 30 years.