Information circulated on the blogs of several high profile media people in Romania on Tuesday that Publimedia, the publishing company controlled by Adrian Sarbu, the COO of Central European Media Enterprises, would drop the newspapers it publishes locally across the country. Contacted by, Publimedia's publishing manager Cosmina Noaghea said no decision was made in this regard yet, but the editor-in-chief of one newspaper said he received a notification related to the measure on Tuesday.

Publimedia publishes Romania's best selling financial daily newspaper, Ziarul Financiar, a general news sheet, Gandul, several magazines and a series of local newspapers: Banateanu, Bihoreanul, Clujeanul, Hunedoreanul, Ieseanul si Sibianul. The network of local newspapers is one of the most extensive in Romanian local media.

Publishing editor Cosmina Noaghea said dropping the titles would be one possibility taken into consideration regarding the local titles but stopped short of confirming that Publimedia would close them down. Chief editors for the newspapers in Iasi and Hunedoara told they had not yet been informed about the measure officially. But the editor-in-chief of Cluj-based Clujeanul said a decision in this regard was made and a notification was sent on Tuesday morning. He would not say whether Clujeanul would be downright closed, be sold or remain online.