New car registrations in Romania dropped 53% in May this year to under 12,000 units, while the number of used car registrations reported a 64% increase, to almost 18,000, according to newly released data. The best improvement was reported for used premium German cars, with 15 more used BMWs than new BMWs registered.

New car registrations were limited to 11,500 units, compared to 24,600 in May 2008. Dacia remained in the forefront, but with a 40% fall year on year. It was followed by Renault and Volkswagen.

Meanwhile, some 17,700 used cars were registered in May this year, as compared to 10,700 a year ago, with Volkswagen first (up 80%), followed by Opel and Ford.

While only 84 new BMW cars were registered in May, 1,300 used BMW cars were registered. Audi fared similarly, with 1,100 used cars and 151 new cars.