Romanian plane company Avioane Craiova could be bought by Italian company Alenia Aeronautics Italia, according to president of the Authority for State Assets Recovery (AVAS) Mircea Ursache. The Italian offer expires in June 30, according to NewsIn.

"Today starts the last negotiation round. If their offer stands, we hope to sign the privatisation contract by the end of this month", Mircea Ursache said. The legendary debt Avioane Craiova has can no longer be erased or assumed by AVAS. In able for a state support to be granted in this case, the European Commission must be informed, he added.

Alenia Aeronautics had to submit the final offer by May 27. The company announced they were continuing the negotiations with AVAS during the second half of June, after the completion of a new analysis regarding the necessary investments Avioane Craiova needs to fulfil the military aspect the business plan proposes.

The privatisation of Avioane Craiova was resumed in October 2008, when AVAS announced the selling of the company's share package. The deadline for offer submission was January 30, 2009. The Italian company is the only one to have made AVAS an offer on Avioane Craiova.