The Council for Competition authorised for three Romanian sugar plants to be taken over by the Netherlander group Pfeifer&Langen. The group from Holland took over Zaharul Oradea and Zahar Arad (West Romania), while Zaharul Carei (North-West) came indirectly under the new investor, through Zaharul Oradea.

The move will not affect none of the involved production or retail markets, where the three plants activate and. According to an analysis made by the council for competition, Pfeifer&Langen International Holland's taking over the three plants does not lead to the creation or consolidation of a dominant position on the relevant markets, and there are no serious doubts regarding the operation's compatibility with a normal competition environment.

Pfeifer&Langen International is part of the Pfeifer&Langen, a group activating on the global white sugar production and retail. Pfeifer&Langen is already present on the Romanian market, in the peanuts, nuts and snacks commerce.