Renault's technological center at Titu, South Romania will be ready by the end of 2010, registering a 11 months delay to the initial set deadline due to difficulties in finding finances, Dacia Vice President Constantin Stroe declared in an interview for Argeseanul. Contacted by Stroe declared that due to the crisis, Renault sought financial partners for the investment which delayed the initial plans.

The center will become one of the most important centers of the brand on the global market, Stroe explained. He added that works were ceased on December 1 and they will begin on July 15. He explained for that Dacia is doing very well as production increased by 19% in the first six months due to new programs encouraging the car market in Europe.

However, he said that it is highly unlikely that these national programs would continue in 2010, as they were an anti-crisis measure to stimulate the new car market. By the end of the year, Stroe expects Dacia sales to drop accordingly. He added that Romania's car market decreased considerably.