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Romania's budgetary deficit reached 11.3 billion lei after 5 months / IMF agreement set a 14.5 billion lei threshold by the end of June

de A.C.
Miercuri, 15 iulie 2009, 13:06 English | Business

Romania's consolidated general budget revenues amounted to 65.268 billion lei while spending totaled 76.572 billion lei. The budgetary deficit represents 2.1% of GDP, meaning 11.3 billion lei in the first five months of the year, Romania's Finance Ministry data shows.

According to the IMF agreement, Romania needs to register a 14.5 billion lei budgetary deficit by the end of June. Initial estimates presented by Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea in early June showed that for now, the situation is under control: after 6 months, he declared, the budgetary deficit would amount to 2.7% of GDP, which represents 14.42 billion lei.

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