The index showing the level of trust in the Romanian economy dropped in June by 1.8% against the previous month, despite the trends in the European Union, where the trust in the economy increased by a medium of 3.9%, according to Romanian press agency NewsIn, quoting data from the European Commission. The index in Romania currently reads 65 points, while trust in the EU rates 75 points.

This is the fourth consecutive month when the economy trust index appreciates in the European Community.

In Romania, the index for consumption dropped 4 points, and the one for commerce lost three points. Faith in industry and construction diminished by one point, while the index for services went up two points against last month.

At EU's level, the faith in economy increased following a slight recovery in four out of five considered sectors: industry, services, consumption and retail. The construction department stagnated to the same level as last month.

The biggest boots of trust in the economy were recorded in Spain - 3.9 points, Italy - 3.5 points, and Germany - 3.2 points.

The countries manifesting the highest increase in economy trust are Sweden (91.3 points), Denmark (87 points) and Finland (84 points), while the lowest faith in economy is currently being recorded in Slovenia (50.9 points).